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Pine nuts are smaller, prolonged seeds having brown shell and ivory color, They are half inch long. They are sweet and buttery in flavor when eaten in raw form. They are often roasted to add a little crunch and to bring rich taste.

Many of us are already familiar about sweet and subtle flavor of pine nuts. We try to get them any way. It is not easy to harvest pine nuts but they are so rich in taste so we deal with it. There are many regions in Pakistan that are suitable for the cultivation of this delicious nut. (an online store) is serving in Pakistan to deliver the branded and natural products to its consumers. It has taken the initiative to deliver the 100% Natural products at your door step.

It is interesting fact that pine nuts are not actually nuts they are seeds that we get from different species of pine cones. Pine nuts are being eaten from ancient times and are most loved once in the history. Not only they are tasty but also packed with a lot of nutrients and health benefits. In this article I will enlighten some of those benefits; 

  1. Pine nuts help in weight Management. Though they are rich in fats but despite of it they can support in weight control efforts. Actually they contain pinolenic acid which suppress appetite and create a feeling of no hunger.
  2. They contain a good amount of mono-saturated fats which are supportive to balance cholesterol level by reducing bad cholesterol and by increasing good cholesterol. A healthy consumption of pine nuts is correlated to lower cholesterol level and minimal chances of heart attack. Daily intake of them is helpful to make heart healthy.
  1. They are also a good source of iron. One ounce of pine nuts contains 3 mg of iron. Those who are vegetarians or vegans can avail a good amount of iron by consuming pine nuts. We all know that iron is very important component for our body which contains oxygen carrying elements that provide supply of energy to the body. They also contain copper which help in the absorption of iron in the body.
  2. Pine nuts are also good for smooth and fresh skin. Because they are packed with vitamin E. 100 grams of them contain 9.33 mg of it. Actually, Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant hence, has properties to protect skin from harmful oxygen free radicals.
  3. Pine nuts also help to fight against diseases of eyes. They are a good source of antioxidant lutein. A good intake of antioxidant lutien helps protect eye health and help in protection against eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Pine nuts are also packed with vitamin A which is also an important vitamin for eyes.
  4. They also contain nutrients which are known as energy boosters such as iron, protein and magnesium. Pine nuts can be energy boosting snack between meals.

Considering mouth watering taste and nutritional facts of Pine nuts everyone would be impatient to add this supper nut in daily eating routine. But there would be question where is best quality of pine nuts found. Well Pakistan, China and Russian federation are the largest producers of the pine nut. Pakistani pine nuts are biggest in size and better in taste. So why think more order it from etijara. One of the finest place to order quality products. We are contributing for the improvement in online shopping and trying to facilitate our consumers with the best services. We ensure most reasonable prices and high quality. To order click the link below and enjoy your winter season.

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